Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge Essay

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"money is the root of all kinds of evil;; hebrews;try too live a life free from the love of money!!

Also in matthew it states" it is easyer for a camel two fit through the eye of a needle than it is a rich man two enter the kingdom of heaven & impossible for human beings two enter the kingdom of god,, A Einstein rote that "The route two all evil is money"(ozone), All evil the devil, the sly one satan was cast down too earth in revelations11;7;12 for a short time to have power to influence the human mind!!

made up by some dude who didn't want to have a monitor on his lap a mouse and a keyboard, the satellite used to transmit the Internet?

made by some dude who wanted to reach the sky (or see what space was like) so to continue this imagination will be needed Imagination would help, it wouldn't be needed. I proved that 1 1=2 because I know that that is the answer because I know from personal knowledge that by having one apple on my desk and then adding a second apple to the desk will then equal me having two apples on the desk.

there imaginations will become two know and understand all knowledge good and bad,, The two olive trees imaginations will gain divine insparation, important knowledge of all our knowledge good or bad!!

There eyes will be opened and they will become like god knowing all good and bad,, "would they realise they were knaked?During the summer you can enter the cave and escape into a dream. Imagine each person is born with a just one thought, and teaches that one thought to someone, who teaches it to someone else, et cetera. But together we can think of, and discover anything, eventually. When I said:"Without knowledge, there would be nothing to imagine..." I was not paraphrasing what you said. "We communicate our thoughts, products of our imagination, to others."You cannot communicate without knowledge. Would we have discovered the physical applications of these concepts? Imagination drives knowledge, they are inseperable. We imagine our world in order to know how to both interpret it and mould it. Imagination has contributed to innovation and revolution the world over, now and forever.A chill takes over your body instantainiously, and you can hear classical piano echoing from inside the cave. Everyone has an aptitude for some kind of expression. We communicate our thoughts, products of our imagination, to others. Sure, I can imagine that there is a Personal Computer in front of me right now, but that doesn't help me actually buying or creating one does it?With today's society placing a heavier emphasis on academic qualifications, is imagination still more important? By imagining things which do not and presently cannot exist, those things eventually can! While people may be born with a certain aptitude for math or artistic ability or whatever allows you to express that imagination, we all have an imagination. That collection of thoughts became public knowledge.And using imaginary numbers, such as radical negative one, mathematical calculations can be accomplished that knowledge of what is 'real' would not have allowed. (; I would first like to thank you for quoting, and not paraphrasing. We as a species have imagined everything that we know, as individuals.Using oils and other mediums, instead of charcoal and ash.One of the best artistic experiences I have ever had was also in France.Upon the walls are the bright blue projections of the masterpieces of Cezanne. I could imagine that Personal Computers run on fried eggs and bacon, but that wouldn't work would it?They pan across their rigid canvas like ghosts and sometimes catch you in their light. I can imagine food until I starve, but I need to know how to obtain food in order to actually eat don't I? You can only do through the use of knowledge, and remembering what the colour red is.Yes, imagination does help by giving us ideas and motivation, but knowledge is key if you want to walk the walk. And who funded the venture to put a man on the moon? That is the development of knowledge from imagination.Through the centuries that knowledge has grown from individuals imagining new ways of accomplishing artistic endeavors.


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