How To Solve A Log Problem

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Conversely, you can abstract your search to more generally describe the problem at hand.

Official documentation is an often-overlooked resource for problem solving, and should be the starting point for much of your debugging.

There are several ways to examine the values your variables hold.

It's good practice to insert logs as you write your code, long before any problem arises, so you can more easily visualize the flow of your program as it runs.

Every major problem you come across can be broken down into smaller problems, and almost every one of those smaller problems has been experienced and solved by someone else. Simply searching for an error code or a clear description of the problem you face will bring you multiple potential solutions.

If relevant results don't show up, increase the specificity of your search terms.An important concept to which your code should adhere is the Single Responsibility Principle.Each class and method should have a single responsibility, and should call on other classes or methods as necessary to achieve additional functionality.Don't spend more than an hour trying to solve a problem on your own.After you've exhausted online resources, talk to your neighbors.If they experience a problem that cannot be solved with a quick google search, they descend into a fury that blames the world for ruining their lives and being singularly against them.As some of my older readers may know, life is a series of neverending problems that you can’t always prevent.It hasn’t been stated in the Bible or any other ancient text that problems do not affect human beings, so it is rather peculiar when you see someone in a coffee shop having a meltdown because the internet is not working.Here is basic template to solve most problems that you may encounter: When the problem hits, your instinct is to panic and hope for a quick fix that ends it for all eternity, but most problems can’t be immediately solved, and expecting to solve them in such a manner will just increase the intensity of your panic.Breakpoints allow you to see line-by-line what your program is doing, and work well when used in conjunction with logs to pinpoint appropriate locations for their use.There are many resources you can and should use to help solve problems and debug your code.


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