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The water is held naturally in cavities called aquifers.In urban areas, water supplies are stored in holding areas called reservoirs.

The water is held naturally in cavities called aquifers.In urban areas, water supplies are stored in holding areas called reservoirs.

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But then I imagine not being able to feel renewal and love, or see the effects rain has on life; suddenly, I realize that the positive effects of rain far outweigh the negatives.

As you see the majestic rain gracefully floating down, recognize the simple beauty and importance in rain.

The Mississippi River, the Great Lakes, and countless other river, lakes, and streams make up the water cover of the United States.

What few people realize, though, is that a lot of our water is stored beneath the ground.

Also, keeping our air clean is essential because we need air to breathe.

Since water, food, and air are so important for our survival as human beings, I decided to do my report on factors of rain.Rain falls directly from the sky or the heavens, and is often declared to be tear drops of the gods. To me, the word rain was used as a clarification to help viewers understand.The gods are powerful supernatural beings; they are the ideal models of perfection. However, rain is so much more than just a clarification on the weather channel.Rain is associated with several emotions ranging from cleansing to depression, love to anger, and life to death.Sometimes I wonder if life would be better without rain; there wouldn’t be as many natural disasters or frequent reminders of depression.I think that rain is a starnge name to call a child. For one thing, I think the first person should not reply like that because that person's name might be Rain. It was cruel because if someone didn't conquer a game or conquest they would be killed as a sacrifice to the rain, wind, sun and other many gods they believed in. She might get bullied in high school and other children in her school will make fun of her. The cast of Beautiful Rain - 2012 includes: Denden as Kiyoshi Kei Ishibashi as Taeko kinoshita Tomoko Katsuhira Asaya Kimijima as Kenta Musuko Kintoki as Noboru Miki Nakatani as Akane Mitsuko Oka as Chieko nakamura Serai Takagi as Kotaro arai Etsushi Toyokawa as Keisuke kinoshita Riko Yoshida The album Purple Rain was released in 1984 by Prince and The Revolution. The numbing effect of the icy downpour is finally setting in. I rush into my house and proceed to stare out the window and observe the vicious storm that is only beginning.Fierce thunder clouds sneak into the murderous sky and flashing lightning strikes begin. The weather has the uncanny ability to promptly change a mood.Rain washes away the layers of filth that grow over time.Without rain, everything outside would always be covered in dust.


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