Hotel Development Business Plan

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For each person, create a comprehensive biography and profile.

Sometimes investors care more about the team and the team’s experience more than anything else.

The clientele you target will be dependent on a number of factors including location, how luxurious your facilities are, and the nearby attractions.

Be sure to refer back to the picture you have previously painted to fit your stated demographic.

Licenses Panda Tip: Hospitality businesses will always need to get certain licenses that may vary across locations.

This is relevant for this portion of the plan and your requirements should be described in detail here.

Don’t be afraid to include personal details either.

Investors like to put their money with people they like and people they trust, and details like hobbies, family and the like can endear these key parties to the reader.

The goal is to create a narrative and your opening paragraph should serve as that narrative’s introduction. This gives the reader lots of context with regard to the setting in which your hotel will be located. Again, we are trying to really paint a picture in the Executive Summary that can be fleshed out with the details that are in the rest of the plan.

Because location is so important with a hotel, the next step is to get a little in depth with regard to the area in which it is being built. The actual hotel facilities are very relevant to your Executive Summary. You may have other information that is specific to your vision, and anything you deem relevant to getting that vision across can go in the Executive Summary.


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