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The competition -- titled Person In History: Russia -- 20th Century -- has been held for the past 20 years.Each year the group receives over 1,500 entries from across Russia from teenagers aged 14 to 18.

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MOSCOW -- The essay, written by a teenager in the central Siberian region of Krasnoyarsk, is unsparing in its recollections of a great-grandfather sent to a gulag labor camp in 1933 for crossing the Soviet border, without even knowing what country he was entering.

"Ten years in a concentration camp without the right to correspondence for an illegal border crossing and espionage on behalf of Japan," the teenager wrote.

for revision I plan on just writing essays and memorising notes etc then just piecing it together in the exam I have done 4 essays good to know I'm not too far behind!

I try to get a minimum of 2 bits of historiography per paragraph in my essays.

In February, Medinsky sent a letter to museums nationwide ordering directors to pay particular attention to "the embodiment of [state priorities] in exhibitions about the most important events in the history of modern Russia." One of the Culture Ministry's flagship historical projects is called Russia -- My History, a network of identical historical exhibitions in more than 20 cities.

"Every visitor will feel solidarity with the events of the 1,000-year history of his Fatherland," according to the project's website.This year, in a report released to coincide with the awards ceremony, a Rossia-24 commentator accused Memorial of "intensively brainwashing kids using Western money, under the disguise of educational and research activities." Putin himself has openly discussed the "excessive demonization" of Soviet history.And Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky has routinely emphasized positive aspects of Russian and Soviet history, often at the expense of negative ones.It's also because of that, she suggested, that teachers who contacted Memorial to report the interrogations said they were afraid of speaking publicly.RFE/RL was unable to contact any of the teachers or schoolchildren who have been questioned for their essays." she said, drawing a parallel with recent bans on music concerts by popular rap artists. tbh I've done v little work and I have no teacher rn for reference can u say how many essays you have done cos I feel quite behind.The other requirement is that essays focus on the role of an individual or a group of individuals in history.Submissions often touch upon chapters from Russia’s history that the government and state media rarely shed light on."Great-grandfather Vanya admitted later to his son that he and a friend didn't even understand they were crossing the border." The extract is from one of thousands of essays submitted in recent years to Memorial, one of Russia's oldest and most respected human rights organizations, as part of a nationwide history contest for high-school students.Held annually for the past 20 years, the contest has drawn the ire of nationalists for years. According to Memorial, teachers in a number of Russian regions have been summoned to the offices of school directors for questioning by local officials and members of the Federal Security Service (FSB).


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