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We suggest writing a brief summary of the book in the last paragraph of the introduction.Make sure that your introduction isn’t too long: it must take from 2 to 10 sentences.To write a good book report, you have to read the book and note all necessary details.

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Each paragraph must represent a certain point or describe a particular detail.

Once you’ve finished your first draft, look it over and make sure that your paragraphs are logically connected, providing a natural flow of thoughts.

You have to summarize the report in the last sentence. Make sure that your conclusion doesn’t include any new thoughts.

Recall important details about the book as a whole, and formulate your opinion. Here you’re allowed to discuss only things that you’ve written in the main part of the report.

On a bright July morning in a windowless conference room in a Manhattan bookstore, several dozen elementary school teachers were learning how to create worksheets that would help children learn to write. Hochman, founder of an organization called the Writing Revolution, displayed examples of student work.

A first grader had produced the following phrase: “Plants need water it need sun to” — that is, plants need water and sun, too.

When writing about nonfiction books, some actions of characters may suggest what was the author’s intention.

Consider the tone of the book and focus on the author’s writing style. Why he or she prefers a particular style when writing about certain events?

Explain how they impacted characters, and discuss the causes of these events.

Introduce characters and explain what role they play in the book and why they are important for the understanding of the author’s idea.


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