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He owned a large holiday home and surrounding land in Richmond Hill, Georgia.He was also a controversial figure with strong opinions.Henry Ford died from of a cerebral hemorrhage two years later on 7 April in 1947.

Later, in 1926 the working week was reduced from forty-eight to forty hours.

By 1919 Henry and his son, Edsel had bought back the minority shareholders, and they became the sole owners of the company.

Edsel Ford succeeded his father as President that year and remained in the role until his death from stomach cancer in 1943.

In 1927 the Ford River Rouge factory complex began full-scale automobile production.

Henry Ford was an American industrialist and inventor who formulated the assembly-line methods for automobile manufacturing, which led to faster production at lower costs.

One of the most popular figures in history, Ford inspired the Industrial Revolution in the United States and worldwide.

When his mother died in 1876, he refused to take over the family farm deciding that he did not want to be a farmer.

Henry became an apprentice machinist in 1879, working in Detroit for three years.

By 1918 almost half of all American cars were Model T’s.

A strong believer in a living wage, the Ford Motor Company announced a per hour pay rate for its factory staff in 1914, more than double the going rate of other automobile companies.


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