Guns Germs And Steel Essay

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He published a scientific opinion that explains how geography is to blame for the dispersal of power, as few societies and civilizations inhabiting in the Middle East had access to resources, such as the seeds of highly nutritious crops alike wheat and barley, and useful livestock such as cow and sheep, which others did not.

For instance, Europeans believed that they should become tremendously wealthy and prestige, and surpass all other powers in the world, in terms of development of society and abundance in resources. ..excluding the Europeans could have governed the world like monarchs, if they would not have differed in worldviews.

It’s because of their grit on resources and power, and their avid nature that they were able to develop cutting-edge technologies, such as deadly guns, infectious germs, and powerf... Humans can overcome all the challenges that nature presents them with, by taking advantage of situations or migrating.

Why were Europeans able to conquer many of the groups in the Americas?

Give specific examples of the advantages that the Europeans had and address why they had these advantages.


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