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The contrasts between those groups are really the basis for how they interact, judge behaviors and performances; “Gen Y thinks Gen X is a bunch of whiners. (Mc Carron,2012) The major mistake in businesses is treating everyone as the same, “we keep trying to pound square pegs in round holes.” (Mc Carron, 2012) This would help the organization evaluate individually what ways works with every employee instead of stereotyping.

This is one of the most ideal approaches to communicate when it comes to generational gaps.

A sprawling New York Times feature package this week showcases essays, photos, and snippets of nostalgia that all amount to the declaration ‘This Gen X Mess.’ One of the declarations in one of the essays is that ‘it’s easy to decide that Gen X is culturally irrelevant.’Who actually thinks that? We have Airbnb and co-living, which apparently makes us fake adults because we’re overdependent on technology. The funny thing is, I can’t imagine a similar New York Times feature package about millennials being put together in 10 or 15 years. Popular culture fragmented as it became vastly easier to discover the things you loved and with which you could connect.

I was born in the mid-1980s and I’ve been sick of hearing Gen-X talk about itself and its place in history ever since I grew old enough to date men born in the Seventies without it being gross and creepy. You got your first apartment by calling a landline number from a payphone after seeing the listing in a classified ad in the back of an alt-weekly. But let’s be honest: if he were still around there’s a non-zero chance he’d have embarked upon an adult-contemporary alt-country solo career long ago and might even have had CDs sold at Starbucks in the mid-Noughties. The amount of available content exploded to the extent that none of us could ever expect to map out our viewing or reading habits to even our closest friends.

Further is a short analysis done between the two generations considering U. (Mc Carron, 2012) Every generation determines success separately, therefore when mentoring, coaching and handling employees of different generations it is required that employers alter their approach.

“For the first time in our history we have four generations in the workplace, soon to be five.” (Mc Carron, 2012) Every group is fashioned by experiencing their own exclusive encounters they have had as they grew up, as well as matured their own thoughts and ideas regarding what is essential to them at work and their personal life. [Accessed 7 September 2019]; Available from: https://

Without communication, no group or organization can exist.

Co-ordination during work is inconceivable and the organization is likely to collapse for absence of communication.

It is a string that holds the different associated parts of an organization in sync.

When it comes to a stop, activities in an organization discontinue.


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