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So I let the phone ring and just as I’d hoped, it went to voicemail.

So I let the phone ring and just as I’d hoped, it went to voicemail.I left a brief message explaining who I was and that I was interested in getting more information about a local laundry that was for sale.

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For example, perhaps your laundromat will be cleaner, safer, offer a wash-and-fold service, or have a TV and vending machines.

LOCATION Your location can make or break your laundromat.

However, it is entirely possible for two laundries to be successful in the same neighborhood, especially if they offer different services.

Check out your competition to see if you’ll have an edge on their business.

Of course, as we just mentioned, being too near other laundromats could affect your ability to attract customers.

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In addition, being near a major road, having visible signage, and offering lots of parking will help you gain attention. A neighborhood of wealthy families is less likely to need a laundromat than an area with many apartments and young people.

This meant we would make a down payment of ,750 and finance the remaining ,250.

We had a rough idea that a lender would give us terms in the range of 8.25% for 5 years, based on information from the broker.

Then came some negotiations with the landlord on the lease.

(We documented the purchase process in much more detail in our earlier blog posts.)And at 6am on the dot, the automated door locks disengaged, and our first customer walked through the door, laundry in tow.


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