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She embodied the superstar image with class, charisma, and most importantly, genuineness.Today, as I write this foreword to her captivating memoir, I share words that I always hoped—and in many ways knew—I would have the chance to write.

so, it literally means “before the word” or “in front of the word.” That makes it easy to remember its purpose: it comes before the main words of a book or other piece of literature!

Forewords are found across all genres of literature and for both fiction and nonfiction works; but, a foreword itself is always nonfictional, as it presents real information that reflects upon the author, his work, and the writer of the foreword.

When written by someone that the public knows (like a specialist in a field or famous author of the same genre), it shows support for the author, and in turn, tells potential readers that the book is worth reading. I looked around to picture her with them and was violently repealed by what I imagined she would look like if she had her wish.

In her first novel, The origin of the novel lay in a conversation I had with a childhood friend. The sorrow in her voice seemed to call for sympathy, and I faked it for her, but, astonished by the desecration she proposed, I “got mad” at her instead.

NBA Basketball player Caron Butler’s 2015 autobiography Here, Bryant begins his foreword by immediately showing that his former teammate is someone worth reading about—focused, personable, and hardworking.

By getting a very famous player to endorse his story, Butler essentially guaranteed that his book would be read by both of their fans.Make an outline, just like you would for any essay.Even if you decide most of your foreword will be a summary of the book, you need to take a stand on what a reader is likely to get out of this book.For his 1938 novel There is no village in India, however mean, that has not a rich sthala-purana, or legendary history, of its own.Some god or godlike hero has passed by the village – Rama might have rested under this papal-tree, Sita might have dried her clothes, after her bath, on this yellow-stone, or the Mahatma himself, on one of his many pilgrimages through the country, might have slept in this hut, the low one, by the village gate.By writing a foreword, a person gives their endorsement, or support, of the book and its author.So, when choosing the writer for a foreword, an author tries to get the “best” person he or she can to introduce them and their work.The most important role of a foreword is to endorse the author and his work.A foreword by a famous or well-known person can really help promote a new book.Morrison shares the very first source of inspiration for her novel, which remarkably reaches all the way back to her elementary school days.It also gives insight to the novel’s title by sharing the story of her friend’s desire to have blue eyes.


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