Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Thesis

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Introduction Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) is a significant public health concern.

To prevent FASD, factors that place women at risk for giving birth to children with FASD must be investigated; however, there are little data in this area.

People who suffer from FAS may either have problems with learning, memory, attention span, communication with others, vision, and/or hearing.

These problems often lead to trouble in school or social problems and getting along with others.

Clinical Database: Archival Data collected from Children Served by a Neurodevelopmental Diagnostic Clinic from 1995 to the Present. The purpose of this project is the creation and maintenance of a descriptive database collected from patients applying for diagnostic and clinical services.

With the permission of the families participating in this study, we collect de-identified (anonymous) data about demographic background, medical characteristics and exposure to alcohol and drugs.

This paper describes the development of the Manitoba mothers and FASD study, a retrospective cohort of mothers whose children were diagnosed with FASD, generated to investigate: (1) risk factors associated with giving birth to children with FASD; (2) maternal physical and health outcomes, as well as the usage of health and social services.

Methods The study population will be identified by linking children diagnosed with FASD from a provincially centralised FASD assessment clinic (from 31 March 1999 to 31 March 2012) to their birth mothers using de-identified administrative health data housed at the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy.

This has allowed us to examine ways in which different methods for diagnosis of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) identify children (Coles, et al., 2016), to look at the relationship between child behavior and maternal incarceration (Mangurenje, 2017), evaluate the relationship between FASD diagnosis and asthma (Foley, 2017), and identify an increased rate of hypertension in school aged children in our clinical sample (Cook, 2014).

We anticipate that this clinical database will continue to be a resource for Georgia in the future. Coles, Ph D Co-Investigator: Mary Ellen Lynch, Ph D.


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