Explain Your Commitment To Public Service Essay

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I think deep down, we all want to leave our mark somehow.

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However, I recently had a conversation with a very senior government procurement executive that really made me think.

This executive revealed that several of the people in their latest batch of recruits came to them from top blue-chip consulting firms.

But aspects such as a guaranteed, index-linked pension, still available to some public servants in some countries, has huge value.

Not many appreciate quite what that is worth but it can be worth up to 50% of basic salary!

There will always be a demand for skilled employees in government jobs, which is part of the reason the job outlook for public sector jobs is typically so good.

There you have it– 5 reasons why you should consider making the switch from private sector to public sector.Whilst the large consulting firms are trying to address these issues, as a young consultant you are in general likely to be working long hours, and you can be sent pretty much anywhere in the world at short notice. With most government roles you probably know where you will be for most of the time at least.In terms of developing a rounded cv, getting experience relatively early in your career in different sectors is a positive step.There’s no doubt in my mind that work in the public sector can be at least as interesting as work in the private sector, if not more so.I once appeared on the front page of a major UK newspaper after some leaked emails, which is certainly not something I experienced working in the private sector.But even taking that out of the picture, the reasons above make it clear why for some procurement professionals – not everyone, but a reasonable proportion – a move to the public sector can make a lot of sense.Without me realizing it commitment has become important in my daily life.The director said that his team’s procurement savings “had paid for 100 more heart operations this year.” Compared to buying sugar for a soft drinks firm or even technology for a bank, making life-saving operations possible. It may be something of a cliché, but it is still true.Generally, the public sector is more reasonable than private industry when it comes to working sensible hours, having time off for emergencies, flexible working patterns, and so on.That can put a lot of stress on the people who depend on income from those businesses to pay the rent!These kinds of concerns don’t really exist in the public sector– the government won’t go out of business like a private company could.


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