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Just as labour mobility is desirable within national borders, so too across them.Allowing people to move from poorer countries to richer ones that have more capital, superior technologies and better institutions boosts their productivity and that of the global economy.So getting people to mix more would help.* Appeal to emotions. As well as appealing to compassion for immigrants, supporters could tap into patriotism, arguing how openness makes a country great.* Emphasise what unites us.

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Others have skills that natives lack, such as medical training or fluency in Mandarin. More than three-quarters of patents generated at top American universities involve a migrant inventor.Even so, many people oppose immigration—and not all are irredeemably racist and xenophobic.They may be ignorant; sceptics worried about the scale of immigration tend to vastly overestimate it. It may seem like common sense that immigrants take local jobs, until you realise there isn’t a fixed number of jobs, and that migrants also create jobs when they spend their wages.As well as pointing out that immigrants aren’t to blame for unemployment, stagnant wages or stretched public services, politicians need to implement policies to address these problems. On Thursday, in the concluding section, I will provide other suggestions for convincing sceptics of the value of immigration. One commenter was blunt: “You cannot convince people who view immigration sceptically for the simple reason that IMMIGRATION HURTS THEM.” Yes, some locals may lose out.But any negative impact on local wages or jobs is typically tiny, while research, notably by Giovanni Peri, suggests the impact is generally positive. Hardship due to industrial decline or the financial crisis is wrongly blamed on immigrants.While congestion is a downside of densely populated places—one which better public transport and new technologies can alleviate—those who choose to live in cities do so because they offer more jobs, more entertainment and, yes, more people to socialise with.Another commenter questioned the impact on migrants’ country of origin.Although the biggest benefits go to migrants and their children, countries that receive them gain, too.This is largely because migrants are different from natives of a country, and their differences tend to complement local needs and conditions.When they don’t, the impact of austerity or planning restrictions is often blamed on immigrants. Neither America nor Britain are very overcrowded overall.Most people live in cities and suburbs that occupy a small part of the country.


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