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Whether you are at college or work place, communication skills are a must for building relationships as well as for helping one along the career path. They make the mistake of thinking that their work can speak for itself or their nature can make an impact.

But more often, you need to advertise and showcase yourself through the use of language and expressions.

So, if you have to give a challenging presentation you need to practice speaking at home a couple of times, with the proper tone and pace so that you can give an effective presentation at the end of the day.

Prefatory Note “The Checklist” was approved by the College faculty in 1979 as the set of criteria that define competent writing in support of the Writing Competency Requirement for graduation.

When you read more, you automatically lay the groundwork for your speaking skills to improve. Whether you are writing or speaking, it is always best to keep it simple and clean.

Use of complicated language and jargon may render you difficult to understand.Such demonstration must be made in one of two ways: Students should take their first writing course during their first year and are expected to satisfy the requirement by the middle of their junior year.Course Sequence Students admitted to Hartwick will be placed in one of four levels of competency according to results from a writing sample and SAT scores (when available).The competent college writer can also put together an essay of at least ten pages which either persuades or informs, which focuses on a single point and supports it, which has one purpose. To achieve unity, the writer must be able to sustain and support an idea through several paragraphs linked by logic.In order to graduate, students at Hartwick College must demonstrate competence in writing at the college level, as defined in The Writing Competency Handbook.Being a good communicator, is not just about being a good talker or using colourful and impressive language. Effective listening refers to the ability to fully listen to what the other person is saying, to understand the spoken and unspoken nuances of the conversation.Show the correct listening attitude, bend your head and acknowledge that you are listening.You can start from simple content and progress to more advanced content over time.The reading habit is essential for the generation of new creative ideas, for linking words and sentences together and broadens your comprehension of the language.Hence, if you want to be a good communicator- pay attention to the body language, the gestures, the facial expressions of others and make use of effective body language where and when required. when you are trying to resolve an irritable issue, adopt a friendly attitude.Good speaking skills are not born in a day and may need time and practice.


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