Essays About Single Parenting

In addition, having exceptional time management and organizational skills benefits both home and work environments.

Successful single working mothers have learned the importance of time management and organizational skills by accepting that they can’t take on everything that comes their way.

Single women that have a career and a family are bestowed life’s toughest challenge.

Today, more than any other time in history, millions of women face the dilemma of single parenthood and a demanding career.

This provides a great opportunity for single mothers to work at home when the children get sick, or it possibly affords the opportunity to work a flexible schedule, so that after school activities can be attended.

A successful single working mother pulls together all resources available to achieve the utmost important goal and that is to be a good financial provider as well as being an attentive mother.

They not only have to provide a home and food for their children, they have to make sure the home is a safe environment for the children, but also keep them healthy and happy.

She has to work every day to put food on the table and go to the children’s school plays, or sports games, sometimes both.

Today’s families come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Look to your local community centers and religious organizations to see the groups they offer. In addition to taking care of your children and your home, you may also be working and/or going to school.

The “typical” household made up of 2 parents and 2.5 children is no longer typical. You’ll meet other people who are in similar situations. It’s important to find a way to balance all of the parts of your life.


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