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More recently in a number of dictatorial countries and other communist countries, the freedom of the pen has been ruthlessly curbed.

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Despots do have had a great dislike for the pen as it stood in the way of their selfish interests.

There was a Chinese emperor Wahg Cheng, burnt Volutes of writings.

When I was in ninth grade, I earned my first money from teaching English. I don’t need it.” I said, “Dad, it is for you.” He smiled and told me, “It is just the cost of ink for your shoes,” and he gave me another 1000 Afs. When I was sixteen years old, one of my neighbors came to our house and proposed that his son marry me.

My father was angry and told him: “Do you know my daughter is sixteen? If the king comes and knocks at the door of my house and proposes that my daughter marry his son, I won’t accept it.

But now a civilized man equips his infant to face the world with a pen.

Essay Writing On Pen

The futility of the sword to solve human problems has been well recognized.One day you will finish your studies.” He was right.I waited five years, but after that, I could go to school. He kissed me and laughed and told me, “Dear, keep your salary for yourself.Please, leave my house and never come back again.”I was in my last days of school when my father died.When I lost him, I lost my shadow, but he left me with his words and advice and books. Mom’s salary was the equivalent of , which was not enough. Half my salary was for my studies and half went for house expenses.Thus, the advance of civilization has ended in the supremacy of the pen.Again, it can be seen that wars seldom entitle countries or men to greatness.First, I will let you go abroad to continue your education.Secondly, I will buy you a car and let you drive.” With the encouragement of my father, I was a superstar in my classes.Right from the American Revolution, up to the Russian Revolution, all the great Revolutions of the world were preceded by an intellectual revolution. The Golden age in cultural activities of all countries was attained during times of peace.However, there have always been men blind to these trends of history.


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