Essay Questions About The Constitution

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The disadvantage of this lack of clarity can be highlighted by the legal protection of civil liberties and human rights prior to the Human Rights Act 1998 where no comprehensive enforceable Code or Bill of Rights.

In order to understand the United Kingdom's constitution, which is largely unwritten, it is necessary to consider a number of legal and non-legal sources.

Explain how British political institutions have impacted American political institutions and rights. Describe the Enlightenment concepts that are incorporated into the United States Constitution. List three features from state constitutions that were incorporated into the United States Constitution.

List two strengths and two weaknesses of the national government under the Articles of Confederation.

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The United Kingdom does not have a single document known as the ' Constitution' and as such, its constitution is not codified.

In fact, no constitution globally is contained within a single document; even 'written constitutions' are merely a starting point for the full body of constitutional law, which elaborates upon the countries governance structure.

Written documents might offer fundamental constitutional principles, but there are further texts which supplant and elaborate upon the basic principles.

He went on to list a number of other constitutional statutes.

Several of these Acts have now been amended or repealed.


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