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Reaffirming the criterion for evaluating sexual activity is not just a physical process but also a spiritual and sacramental process, which means that the criterion of truly human are considered. The approach is mentored by a sign, matter and spirit as well as interpersonal relations with each other and enables self-determination and fulfilment of one another expectations in matrimony.The nature of evaluating sexual activity in marriage is based on the covenant itself.Corinthians 7:2The Marriage as a Covenant Ideally, the contraception controversy has been highlighted by key aspect of marriage as a covenant which involves the willingness to assist each other grow in love and the willingness to let love produce life. The approach draws between the specific conditions under which the couple are married.

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Largely, such constituents construct a precious involvement to the couple’s research for matrimony and should maintain in such a manner.

The assignments place have a scrupulous prominence on the purposely of religious and sacramental constituents that creates a beautiful element of matrimony.

From the time of creation, God intend the mutual union between husband and wife, which was characterized lifelong, commitment, transmission of life, and openness. In many ways, the marriage union between man and woman shows the Trinitarian expectations of humanity.

Fulfilling the expectations of Christian matrimony in a joyful dependability manner provides the essential integrity of God’s conception and provides a contribution in the resourceful plan of God.

The covenant relationship is just of the spouses own making through God given structure through the relationship co-created both by God by the husband and wife.

Baker et al., notes that the man and woman must freely enter this relationship hence they make the God – intended relationship their own or there is no real covenant but creates a meaningless and hypocritical ceremony.

Sexual infidelity goes against and does not renew at least implicitly the marriage covenant morally evil. A man and woman marry when they publicly promise to love each other without holding as long as they both live.

Ideally, the term love creates great emotions that mean caring love and fidelity even under the most trying circumstances, for better and for worse.


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