Essay On Sexual Harassment In College And At Workplace

Essay On Sexual Harassment In College And At Workplace-43
This research paper explicitly examines the two types of sexual harassment commonly found in the work place.As it would be observed, sexual harassment of any nature can be a devastating issue that comes with serious implications to its victims.Nowadays, the habit has turned out to be a major issue in the contemporary society and indeed one of the dominant concerns of all times.

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A person of any gender can be victim or assailant of gender harassment.

However, even though the practice would be expected to take place mostly between persons of different genders, there have been reported cases whereby men have been harassed by other men and women by other women.

As it would be observed in the EEOC guidelines, the two major categories of sexual harassments commonly found in work places are Quid pro quo and Hostile work environment.

Previously, the habit may have passed on lightly as a common practice anticipated in workplaces.

Some of the most vital steps that should be taken by victims of this vice is to collect enough proof, where possible and seek immediate help from sexual harassment specialists.

Sexual harassment is really becoming a major obstacle to economical development of most countries in the world.For example, someone who was raised up in a culture which discriminates against other people, simply because of their race, cultural and/or sexual dimensions, would not find it unusual to extend the same attitude to their colleagues at work.Aggressiveness is another major cause of sexual harassment not only in the workplace, but also in other various segments of the society (Gruber, 1998).The issue has a direct impact to the productivity and profitability of businesses and corporations.Sexual harassment simply refers to the kind of discrimination, threats or pressures that people are likely to receive, especially in their workplaces, for failure to put up with sexual remarks by another person or to give into their sexual approaches (Einarsen, 1990).Unlike the ‘quid pro quo’ which is limited to sexual acts, this type of sexual harassment extends to other levels such as unwelcome physical or extreme verbal sexual behavior (Paul, 1990).In most cases, this type of harassment is executed by an individual to another individual belonging to a different gender.In this case, victims are faced with the dilemma of giving into unwanted sexual demands or facing the wrath of losing the benefits and ending up being punished severely through ways related to their work.A perfect example of quid pro quo sexual harassment is whereby a manager or a supervisor demands to have sex with one of his female subordinates in return of a promotion.In cases whereby perpetrators are left to go unpunished of sexual harassment behaviors, they would carry on this pattern and continue causing harassment to their colleagues at work.Other effective causes of sexual harassment in organizations would include power moral values, cultural differences and power games.


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