Essay On Responsibility Of A Teenager

These conditions have generated the increasing of social problems in Aceh.

Based on national KPS’s data, 46.075 people in Aceh have high risk infected by HIV/AIDS and 120 persons are already positively infected.

They undergo not only significant physical and cognitive growth but also encounter new situations, responsibilities, and people as well.

At this time, adolescents interact with diverse people and largest social network which constantly require them to be socially competence.

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As children enter adolescence, they are confronted by a tremendous amount of changes.

Second, siblings can get in the way when you are trying to study for a big test or just trying to do your homework. School is a huge responsibility on teens as they have to do school work, homework, and making sure they do every assignment to pass all their classes and to graduate.

Parents are another reason why it’s stressful by being too strict and not allowing you to do anything you want. Responsibility is needed in a teens working career, making sure the work assigned by your employer is being done and not slacking off as well as earning money to get what they want or need.

Being a teenager is a fun thing but it can also be stressful, if you are not responsible for your actions.

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