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Apart from that, he also has patronage elsewhere such as the appointment of junior ministers The Prime Minister also chairs a number of select committees; at present the Defence and Overseas Policy Committee, the Constitutional Reform Committee, the Intelligence Services Committee and the Northern Ireland Committee.In these committees the Prime Minister has to be very influential in the determining of policies in these committees.In fact, MPs can be expelled from their party for failure to rally behind the......

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Such a position does not allow the Prime Minister to drive an international agenda which the US president is capable of.

In this sense, the power of the US president abroad is far greater than that of the British Prime Minister.

The title of president gives him enormous authority and power as he is the main figurehead within the whole of the massive American political structure.

The British Prime Minister, in comparison, does have the same international standing as the president.

In America, the president is the best known among politicians.

This by itself gives him a great deal of authority as many people within their own states cannot name their own representatives in the House, Senate or governor.

UK Prime Ministers are also charged of sometimes behaving like the United States President.

The Prime Minister, even though appointed by the British Monarch, is bound by the constitutional convention and if happens to lose the majority in House of Commons, is bound to resign or request for a general election.

According to Darby (2000), the resurgence of some elements of the dependency theory stems from two realities in......declare war and by the virtue of being the chair of the defence council can influence the deployment and disposition of the British Armed Forces.

Even though he is not permitted to directly order the deployment of the nuclear weapons, he has the power to offer consent to their use.


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