Essay On Political Situation In Pakistan

The PPP, with all its flaws and revisionist tendencies, still holds a promise of being the largest centre-left party in the federation (the others are Awami National Party and the Awami Workers Party).

Despite problems (and they are severe), some political groups have continued to struggle for the betterment of their country without losing their moral fulcrum.

Central American politics remains somewhat distinct from our own political history, where also, there have been major hiccups in the institutionalisation of democracy.

The PPP, although it still has a number of sincere people in its midst, has not been able to regain the respect it garnered in the early ’70s.

No one can predict what future trajectory PTI’s populism will take.

There are a number key problems in political system of Pakistan, & the list grows on and on with every passing minute.

Pakistani politics has started to take an adverse route as the layman pursues to struggle in the rut.

Much has been written on these pages about the restriction of political space, the influence of the proverbial “hidden hand” and the overzealous judiciary during the current election cycle.

On the contrary, there needs to be an analysis of what our own democratic political groups are presenting as an alternative in terms of ethical politics.

This was a time when El-Salvador was going through a brutal civil war with left-wing guerrillas and democracy activists on one side, and a government supported by the elite and the military on the other.

Our mission was to oversee the peace process brokered by the UN that would lead to free and democratic elections.


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