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Whether or not you consider yourself a funny person, it’s not as difficult as you—might think to put humor to work for you.I’ve found that the easiest and best ways of doing so boil down to five simple comedic tools.

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As a child, I wanted to have a magic wand to create toys, turn stones into kittens and cast curses on my “enemies”.

I wanted to transform myself into anyone using my magic wand and save everybody from monsters with the help of it.

Both of these are also excellent reasons to incorporate humor in your nonfiction.

As a communication tool, effective use of humor can humanize you, cementing your bond with readers.

It can also help your work stand out in a crowded market.

And as advertising studies have shown, humor enhances how much we like what we’re reading and how well we remember it afterward.Humor is an integral part of our everyday interactions, whether we’re trying to navigate a bookstore, make conversation with the barista at our favorite coffee shop, or talk a police officer out of a ticket.Our inherent desire to laugh motivates us to share funny You Tube videos and respond to text messages with an LOL or the iconic smiley face. degree which is either stands for masters of public health or mistress of public humor She consults with organizations on how to use humor to manage stress, change, and conflict, and boost creativity, teamwork and morale.I’ve been teaching humor writing for 16 years, and have used my funny bone in writing everything from self-help books to feature articles to essays to cookbook content. The authors felt I could make the subject less uncomfortable for readers by lightening things up here and there.I’m convinced that learning to effectively use humor can not only enhance your work, but can make the act of writing more enjoyable, too. As Eric Idle once wisely said, “Levity is the opposite of gravity.” So how can Let’s be clear: The goal in adding some humor to your nonfiction project is not about becoming the next Erma Bombeck or David Sedaris (unless that’s your dream).It may sound strange, but it’s true: Words with the k sound (Cadillac, quintuplet, sex) are perceived as the funniest, and words with a hard g (guacamole, gargantuan, Yugo) create almost as many grins.This may be because much of what makes Americans laugh today has roots in Yiddish humor, the language of which includes many guttural sounds—and the k and hard g are as close as English comes.I did not like fluffy and uncomfortable dresses, I liked to fght and win.We fought with sticks, ran across the yard and protected each other from dragons. Trying to find the funnier side of things reduces the loneliness, rejection and stress of the writing life—and it boosts your creativity by challenging you to approach your craft in new ways. The goal is to improve your writing by using all the tools available to you, including comedy.Imagine where the original authors of the For Dummies book franchise would be today if they hadn’t decided to take a lighthearted approach.


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