Essay On My First Day At School

Essay On My First Day At School-73
After the recess we went back to our class-room, and my new friends and I managed to coax two boys to stop crying.

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So the right type of education at school is a must for him. He gave me a packet of toffees for distribution among my classmates My class teacher was very gentle. I felt a bit nervous in a new environment as the other boys looked at me with strange looks.

Going to a school for the first time for a child is to face a new situation.

I went into the classroom and took my seat in the last row in front of me there was a big blackboard on the wall. Once in a while the teacher had to tell us to keep quiet as we were making too much noise.

In fact, soon we were laughing and playing together.

After a few minutes a teacher entered the classroom. It is also a very good platform for teachers who want to share their valuable knowledge.

Near it there was a decent chair and a table for the teachers on a raised platform. The main objective of this website is to provide quality study material to all students (from 1st to 12th class of any board) irrespective of their background as our motto is “Education for Everyone”.

My father came to drop me to my classroom and helped me to get familiar with my teacher and class.

I hated the thought of being away from home for so many hours.

A school is a place of learning and acquiring knowledge for a child. Here he joins new associations, comes in contact with boys of different temperaments and forms new ideas and habits. The school had a compound with a grassy lawn and flower beds.

It is here that he prepares himself for the struggle of life. The memory of my first day is still fresh in my mind, it was a small school with eight rooms. My father took me to the headmaster’s office and got me admitted in the school.


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