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As a result, their college work might be affected or their general performance at uni.

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For instance, a student that generally has a hearty appetite might feel like they're suddenly not hungry.

On the other hand, one with a typically smaller appetite might find themselves indulging in comfort food.

Starting a new school is almost always overwhelming.

Add that to moving to a different area for university and you have quite the situation on your hands.

Numerous students experience a shift in appetite when undergoing college homesickness.

In most cases, they end up having completely opposite eating habits.

Don't hesitate to pack some items that will make you feel like home in your dorm.

Here are a few examples of comfort items that can help: Now that we have covered the basics of college homesickness let's talk about the solutions.

Some of the most disheartening symptoms associated with college homesickness are anxiety and depression.

The scary part about the ordeal is that sometimes missing home can develop into a serious mental disorder.


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