Essay On Classroom Environment

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Since, education is essential weapon for tomorrow, so the good schools of today are important for the best future of a nation. Attending the school assembly is a wonderful experience.

I am proud of myself that I am studying in one of the best school of my town. I really enjoy myself for being first in row in school assembly.

The teacher's desk faces the door of the classroom in addition to the students, and therefore the teacher can easily field any possible interruptions to the classroom.

With a bird's eye view of the room, the teacher practices effective classroom management without creating an authoritarian learning environment.

The best schools are those who make the students best.

I consider my school as the best school because it supports and encourages every student to do best and make progress. Fortunately, my school provides the best environment, the best teachers and the best facilities.So I tell my class how much I love them -- out loud and often. Typically, when students take a physics class, the last thing on their minds is love. They walk into class with uneasy, stressful thoughts. I do this to make class fun and engaging and to break down the barriers that many students face when they think about physics.Because my institution, Adelphi University, offers generous pathways programs to help students make the transition to college, many come from very different backgrounds and experiences. I have found that to be successful, professors must go beyond just teaching the material; we must be leaders, mentors and guides. It starts by building a relationship with students. When one of my students, Tracy Paltoo, nominated me for a teaching award, she specifically pointed to a day I kept running into walls.Tables are spaced far apart to minimize horseplay between groups, but close enough together to create a community-like classroom environment.The Classroom Map reveals that furniture and other large object are arranged as flexibly as possible to permit ready changes to the environment.I am proud of my school because it provides us all the basic facilities like a big playground, a central library, a big auditorium hall, a science lab and a good computer lab. She has recently won the best singer award in annual arts festival.Our school organizes all important national events like Independence Day, teachers’ day, father’s day etc.In fact, it is the result of the hard work done by our teachers. I hope I will brighten the name of my country and my school.The place where children of tomorrow study, where the future of nation is shaped is called school. We study in our school in a great friendly environment. As soon we reach we line up for attending the assembly.A classroom that promotes desired student behavior and facilitates instruction is arranged to encourage communication and interaction.For example, the large tables that seat up to five children promote maximum peer interactions during cooperative learning activities.


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