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In every field of life primary education plays the foundation and supporting role.Government must promote it according to its importance.

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Kaiser Bengali (1999) argues that whatever progress was made in the field of education was inspired from India.

The truth is that, at the time of independence Pakistan had only one university, the University of Punjab.

Moreover, Literacy rate of Pakistan is lower than Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh which are poor, third world and under developed countries.

The literacy rate of the population above ten years of age in the country is 58.5%.

These are small buildings schools having little facilities.

All of us know that primary education is the main pillar of higher education.An analytical study of higher education of Pakistan, 2011) Current education system in Pakistan is also not satisfactory. 4: secondary school certificate (grades nine and ten).In Pakistan education is being provided in six main levels: 1: Pre-primary education (preparatory classes). 5: higher secondary school certificate (grades eleven and twelve).General info about the education in Finland and Germany In Finland,the education system is decentralized. According to (Moore, 2008) the responsibility of the Ministry of Education is to prepare and implement education policy.He stated that the education system and its policy is administered by the Ministry of education and The Finnish National board of education.Kupianien, Hutamaki, Kajalainen(2008) also mentioned that local authorities is the education providers that organise and provide education in Finland because the municipal curriculum can be regulated by the local authorities based on the national core curriculum. The first university degree, Bachelor's, can generally be attained in three years of full-time study.Namely, the local authorities can form their own curriculum according to this cur... The higher education system comprises universities and polytechnics, in which the admission requirement is a secondary general or vocational diploma.Even Though , 9-year schooling is compulsory in both countries, they differ in the types of schools, duration of the education and so on.In this paper, the similarities and differences between these two education system is going to be referred in more detail.6: university education (graduation and higher study).Education policies are very good but, unfortunately, there are many problems in this system and its implementations.


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