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The revolutionaries faced many tough decisions with consequences that were beyond the scope of human understanding.

The revolutionaries faced many tough decisions with consequences that were beyond the scope of human understanding.

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To understand how this complex series of factors affected people of the time it is crucial to understand the texts directly from that period....

[tags: French History] - History through out time has maintained a cause-and-effect pattern with almost all major events; the French Revolution being no different.

At the time, the government was in a serious deficit resulting in great taxations.

They had spent huge sums of money on the French and Indian War, and the king and nobility consumed much money to keep up with their lavish lifestyles.

The philosophes influenced the French society by giving all the estates a chance to be educated by their works.

Some of these works also made it to the colonies in American and influenced them enough to bring out an uprising against England in 1775.In many ways the French Revolution itself was a turning point for both France and humanity as it paved the way for both human rights and one of the most controversial emperors in history....[tags: French Revolution] - The French Revolution was a time of great social, political and economic tumult in the closing years of the Eighteenth Century.During America’s battle for independence, French aid was sent, including the leadership of Lafayette, who brought positive ideas of liberty and justice back to France after America gained its freedom....[tags: French History ] - Throughout the French revolution, there were many turning points that irrevocably changed the course of history both within France and in a global scale.The motivators pushing French citizenry toward revolution are varied in scope and origin.They range from immediate economic woes to an antiquarian class structure.During the French revolution in the late 1700’s, French nationalism rose to an all time high.Unfortunately the death and destruction was an irrefutable consequences.In the years before the revolution citizens were rigidly constrained by the estates of the realm....[tags: French History] - Rousseau once said, “Liberty is a succulent morsel, but one difficult to digest.” What does the quote mean. And most importantly, what is the French Revolution, and how does it have anything to do with succulent morsels.


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