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Indeed Klein’s basic argument is that the Singapore system is actually a pretty effective health care regime, but it would be hard to implement in America because the cost of health care is so much higher here.But this leads to what I see as the one major blind spot in Klein’s article: Singapore’s system is probably better designed in terms of how consumers spend their own money.

Indeed Klein’s basic argument is that the Singapore system is actually a pretty effective health care regime, but it would be hard to implement in America because the cost of health care is so much higher here.

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* Singaporeans are far healthier than Americans with 3% who are obese compared to 35% of Americans, which adds a fourth major strain on health care costs.

Klein makes a reference to this toward the end of the article but without the details that show how stark the differences are.

The social, economic, and political development of any country depends on the ability of its citizens to contribute toward common goals. All American citizens have the right to access quality health care.

For this to be attained, the population needs to be in good health to engage in productive activities. citizens who cannot afford health care from the private sector because of the high prices have their right to happiness denied. This denies them the right to life as guaranteed in the U. Quality service cannot be guaranteed under the private sector.

To guarantee universal access to health care, only the government should be entrusted with health care provision. To realize the desired margins, organizations add up mark ups to their costs in price setting. This is not the case on the part of the government, whose motive is not short-term gains from payments by patients but the long-term social, economic, and political benefits. Constitution guarantees all its citizens a decent life where access to basic needs is a right for all rather than a preserve for the rich. Whereas a hospital may have all the equipments, personnel, and technology to treat a patient, they may withhold these resources from a patient just because they cannot afford to pay for the services. Insurance companies are key players in the medical industry. In any one given time, there will be many court cases involving insurance firms not willing to fulfill their promises.

The private sector cannot be trusted to provide the best value for money as it will always be tempted to maximize profits, sometimes to the disadvantage of patients. To get this load off citizens, medical care should be nationalized and guaranteed to all irrespective of their social or economic status.For example, it would be easy to streamline the approval process for bio-similars even further than it already has been. RPLong, Because it’s the biggest single problem, by far.It could be done in a day, would save the industry millions, would save customers millions, would increase the supply of medication, and would be a politically popular move. Under our current tax system, the government pays roughly 40% of the cost of many private medical expenses.But the lower overall prices make them much less exposed to health costs than both patients and employers inside the American system — which suggests to me that Americans have at least as much incentive as Singaporeans to try to use their power as consumers to cut costs. There are restrictions against patients signing contracts making it more difficult to sue for malpractice.The fact that that hasn’t worked is, I think, a reason to believe we’ve gotten the lesson of Singapore’s health system backward. There are restrictions on importing foreign drugs, even foreign generics.This denies citizens their right to basic needs, happiness, and life as guaranteed in the U. We love to communicate with our readers, so if you have a question related to academic writing, want to report a problem or bug or just have a suggestion to our editorial team, do not hesitate to leave an email at [email protected] you are students looking for custom writing help visit this academic writing service for top quality essays and research papers.Using government think, this was the rationale for the ACA: if you have one bad idea in place, rather than undo it, devise another, even worse idea. He mentions much more of course, but trying to get government to undo bad policy is pretty much a fool’s errand; so, better to exercise, eat healthy, and drive safely. Health care prices are so much lower in Singapore that Singaporeans would have to pay for three times more of their care to feel as much total expense as Americans do. is far more violent than Singapore with a homicide rate that is 13 times higher.Second, the more I spend on health care – including insurance, contact-lens fluid, massage therapy, etc. The basic argument for the Singaporean system is that Singaporeans, through Medisave and the deductibles in Medishield, pay more of the cost of their care, and so hold costs down. “My personal lifetime health care consumption has been at least doubled by various subsidies (including tax breaks), and it has not improved my health one iota.” Why do you keep seeking out (and spending money on) health care that doesn’t improve your health? * American auto fatalities are three times higher than in Singapore along with a much higher non- fatal accident rate, which puts a strain on health care costs. There are also far more violent, non-fatal crimes in the U.Health care in the United States should be prioritized if the American Dream is to be realized. Constitution guarantees its citizens the right to liberty, happiness, and life. In an effort to maximize profits, players in the sector engage in cost cutting measures, including under-staffing and purchase of cheap medical supplies.Despite this reality, the private sector has over the years focused on economic gains in the provision of health care services, ignoring the importance of health care for all. Constitution, which guarantees its citizens access to basic needs, including health care. This reduces the ability of patients to access quality health care, something that jeopardizes their health. citizens in the guise of providing medical care insurance.


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