Effect Ph Enzymes Coursework

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Food Science 123L is designed to give students an understanding of procedures for detection and purification of enzymes and quantitative evaluation of the influence of parameters such as concentrations of substrate and enzyme, p H, temperature and inhibitors on enzyme activity. One three-hour laboratory and one one-hour lecture-discussion session per week.

Laboratory exercises are selected to complement lecture material in Food Science 123 and require a written report. Individual and group discussions gladly arranged (see instructor).

This contrasts with the mechanistic view of science dominant in the 20th century. Molecular biology is associated with a reductionist approach – explaining a phenomenon in terms of its component parts (i.e. Ecology is associated with a systems approach – explaining a phenomenon in terms of the interactions of whole organisms and environments.

To what extent can a systems approach be applied to molecular biology, and vice versa?

Some of the more common ones found inside our bodies include amylase, protease, and lipase (to name a few). For example, amylase helps break down the carbohydrates in the food we eat, protease breaks down proteins, and lipase breaks down fats.

All enzymes are important and all work in similar ways.

This is because pepsin's optimal p H is around 2, while salivary amylase has an optimum of around 7, and arginase at roughly 9.5.

Placing an enzyme in an environment with its optimal p H will increase the rate of reaction.

Vitalism had a long history in French and German natural philosophy and was often associated with a belief in a ‘life force’.

Living things were thought to be subject to different principles than non-living things.


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