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These will gain children bonus points where their schoolwork is concerned, but will also make their writing more vibrant and interesting to read.

This will require several run-throughs of the whole manuscript, and the editing checklist is perfect to use then.

There’s too much to think of to keep it straight in your head, so it's good to use a checklist and work your way through it.

The editing stage is where children can add in literary devices to their work to make it livelier.

‘These include “wow words",’ similes, metaphor, humour and other such tools,’ Julia explains.

Ask any published author, and they’re likely to tell you that they spend as much time – if not more – editing their work as they do creating it in the first place.

And while your child may not be penning the next Man Booker winner (yet!

The truth is that this process is long and arduous. You can try it for free, and sign up for even more features.

You may well be sick of the story by the time you’re finished.

So it might be worthwhile for you to learn a few basic rules, if only to have more time to spend with your family, or whatever it is you’d rather be doing. Leave your writing alone for a while — an hour, a day, a week. If you write “I lied on the couch after the man drug me across the floor,” your reader might think you’re writing some weird espionage novel.

You probably want to say “I lay on the couch after the man dragged me across the floor.”The most mutilated verbs are .


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