Dreams And Hopes Essay

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Some people experience more of these regrettable symptoms of the human condition than others. Hope provides us with strength to conquer misery and despair, caused by misfortune, perhaps an unforeseen job loss when on a Friday afternoon, after you’ve worked long hours on a project, your boss, calling your into his office, sitting you down, saying, “Your fired.” Perhaps an unanticipated ending of a marriage.

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Hope is a spiritual practise that enables us to feel “spiritual”, enabling us to experience awe, wonder, delight.

With hope, we are able to transcend the self, observe the beauty in nature, live in peace, be respectful to others, live mindfully, and believe in the unknown, the ineffable.

Hope assists the sick person in getting well, encouraging them to do what it takes to recover.

It reassures them, “you’ll get better.” Hope comforts the dying and gives them courage to face the unknown.

And so, hope is a mindset, the will and determination to believe that you’ll overcome.

Hope also provides you with a map of the route on how to achieve the desired outcome.

Anne Lamott writes: “Hope begins in the darkness, the stubborn hope that if you just show up, and try to do the right thing, the dawn will arrive.

“ Hope always whispers to the psyche, “Try one more time.” Imagine if you had no hope, life would be unbearable.

Hope motivates us to persevere when our lives are infused stressful life situations or painful events.

The unemployed person searching for work is inspired by the image of a new job to pay the bills and purchase a few of life’s comforts, perhaps a television, i Pad, new pair of blue jeans, money to fill the refrigerator with food.


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