Dhcp Assignment

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[21] Wimer, W., "Clarifications and Extensions for the Bootstrap Protocol", RFC 1542, Carnegie Mellon University, October 1993.

[17] Reynolds, J., "BOOTP Vendor Information Extensions", RFC 1497, USC/Information Sciences Institute, August 1993. Postel, "Assigned Numbers", STD 2, RFC 1340, USC/Information Sciences Institute, July 1992. A Protocol for the Dynamic Assignment of IP Addresses for use on an Ethernet. [20] Sollins, K., "The TFTP Protocol (Revision 2)", RFC 783, NIC, June 1981.

Steve Deering searched the various IP RFCs to put together the list of network parameters supplied by DHCP.

Jeff Mogul first proposed the client-server based model for DHCP.

Due to some errors introduced into RFC 1531 in the editorial process, this memo is reissued as RFC 1541.

11 3.1 Client-server interaction - allocating a network address. Greg Minshall, Leo Mc Laughlin and John Veizades have patiently contributed to the the design of DHCP through innumerable discussions, meetings and mail conversations. Note that the correct operation of DHCP does not depend on the transmission of DHCPRELEASE messages. [13] Mockapetris, P., "Domain Names -- Implementation and Specification", STD 13, RFC 1035, USC/Information Sciences Institute, November 1987. Deering, "Path MTU Discovery", RFC 1191, November 1990. [12] Mockapetris, P., "Domain Names -- Concepts and Facilities", STD 13, RFC 1034, USC/Information Sciences Institute, November 1987.DHCP is based on the Bootstrap Protocol (BOOTP) [7], adding the capability of automatic allocation of reusable network addresses and additional configuration options [19]. DHCP captures the behavior of BOOTP relay agents [7, 23], and DHCP participants can interoperate with BOOTP participants [9]. [5] Brownell, D, "Dynamic Reverse Address Resolution Protocol (DRARP)", Work in Progress. Droms, "Uniform Access to Internet Directory Services", Proc. [4] Braden, R., Editor, "Requirements for Internet Hosts -- Application and Support, STD 3, RFC 1123, USC/Information Sciences Institute, October 1989. [16] Postel, J., "Internet Control Message Protocol", STD 5, RFC 792, USC/Information Sciences Institute, September 1981. [15] Morgan, R., "Dynamic IP Address Assignment for Ethernet Attached Hosts", Work in Progress.


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