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Also, imagination are extensive different sorts from bodies and for that reason, none of the heads are indistinguishable with the bodies (Kim, 32).While Descartes was baffled with a question "What am I?The data of qualitative individuality makes more sense for dualism because according to qualitative personality - body and mind are qualitatively identical if and only if they share all properties.

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Matter, or extended substance, conforms to the laws of physics in mechanistic fashion, with the important exception of the human body, which Descartes believed is causally affected by the human mind and which causally produces certain mental events.

For example, willing the arm to be raised causes it to be raised, whereas being hit by a hammer on the finger causes the mind to feel pain.

" Descartes brings up a good answer, "I am a thinking thing" (Kim 33).

He answered this question with the aid of a doubt of him getting a body; so, he's a materials thing and he could not doubt to be a thinking being.

Among the difficulties of dualism is the inherent obscurity in conceiving of what sort of thing a mental substance—an immaterial, thinking “stuff”—might be.

Such criticisms have led some thinkers to abandon dualism in favour of various monistic theories.This part of Descartes’s dualistic theory, known as interactionism, raises one of the chief problems faced by Descartes: the question how this causal interaction is possible.parallelism that do not require direct causal interaction.Occasionalism maintains that apparent links between mental and physical events are the result of God’s constant causal action.Mind–body dualism, in philosophy, any theory that mind and body are distinct kinds of substances or natures.This position implies that mind and body not only differ in meaning but refer to different kinds of entities.Parallelism also rejects causal interaction but without constant divine intervention.Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, a 17th-century German rationalist and mathematician, saw mind and body as two perfectly correlated series, synchronized like two clocks at their origin by God in a preestablished harmony.epiphenomenalism, which agrees with other theories in holding that mental events and physical events are different.The question because of this paper is to show the connection between the Cartesian dualism and the qualitative id theory by with them to see interconnection between the ideas and the understanding of considering a house and the sense of feeling pain by touching the hot stove and psychological experience of pain.When there's a sensation of taking a look at a house, your body cannot make that event as an experience with the aid of three dimensional biological organisms.When the mind and body are specific from one another; the mind could also exist without the body because the body is not essential for what we are.Moreover, your brain is unextended and indivisible and your body is extended and divisible; this is excatly why they are different in nature.


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