Dbq Essay Rubric Ap World History

Dbq Essay Rubric Ap World History-8
Spend time in and out of class practicing how to write these, and you might even come to enjoy the process come May.

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Don’t just summarize information you have already given.

Again, to do this properly, you must be able to write at least a paragraph giving additional context on the specific documents. Synthesis (0-1 point) The final strand is your ability to synthesize.

Document Analysis (0-2 points) This strand of the rubric targets your ability to analyze evidence and use the evidence to support the argument laid out in your thesis. These can include primary sources, secondary scholarship, images, text…

You may not be familiar with all of the documents, but you must be able to use what you know (either background information or context clues from the documents themselves) in order to make a coherent historical argument that Using Evidence Beyond the Documents: 0-2 points This skill targets your ability to contextualize and argue historically. Contextualization means that you must locate your argument within a larger historical context; i.e.

The important thing is that you demonstrate a strong understanding of all the evidence as well as how each piece is related to the other.

You may be used to writing a standard five-paragraph essay with one opening paragraph, of which the thesis is the last line. For a DBQ, you must locate your thesis in either the introduction OR conclusion of your essay, but remember: your intro and conclusion can be LONGER than one paragraph.

This rubric is broken into component skills so that you can test yourself on each one.

While they are all related – and while no knowledge exists in a vacuum – give yourself the freedom to focus on different skills each time you practice.

In other words, you must do more than merely to a different historical time period, development, process, or approach. You are supposed to be able to juggle multiple skills (argumentation, contextualization, periodization, synthesis…

You must instead write a well-thought-out paragraph (at least) that demonstrates that you are familiar both with the event/issue about which you are writing the essay as well as the event/issue/process/approach you are attempting to synthesize. as well as actual content knowledge) and use them all at once to make a concrete argument.


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