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And this, I want to argue, is where the information revolution becomes a fundamental game-changer.

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Typically we think of the classics – Shakespeare, Melville, Joyce, and so on – when we think of literature. And indeed when you look at the output of contemporary literary authors you find no shortage of family resemblances: lyricism of prose, thematic sophistication, quotidian subject matters, and of course the all important yen for experimentation.

Before the advent of writing, senders and receivers always had to communicate face to face.

Writing more or less banished time from the equation, and minimized the importance of geography to a certain degree.

Everyone has their own diagnosis: for Siegel it is the professionalization of what should be a vocation; for Josipovici it is a failure of nerve and imagination in the face of market temptation. In order to be stable, communication must mutually benefit both the sender and the receiver, otherwise the incentive to communicate evaporates.

But for most all of them, the problem is that literature, despite all the ways it what it once did. Receivers typically assess the value of any communication through what is called trust calibration, where we evaluate the motives of the sender, and coherence checking, where we evaluate the ‘fit’ between the message and our background beliefs.


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