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She is the author of The Selling Sound: The Rise of the Country Music Industry, also published by Duke University Press, and editor (with Kristine M.

Mc Cusker) of A Boy Named Sue: Gender and Country Music. Country Music and Racial Formation / Diane Pecknold 1Part One. Black Hillbillies: African American Musicians on Old-Time Records, 1924–1932 / Patrick Huber 192.

Cohen, Journal of American Studies"Hidden in the Mix comprises a diverse, sophisticated, and probing collection of essays that works to expose...

borders, illuminate the transgressions that riddle them, and further untangle their fluid relationships in the American cultural landscape." — John W.

Revealing how music mediates both the ideology and the lived experience of race, Hidden in the Mix challenges the status of country music as "the white man’s blues."Contributors.

Keith, Kip Lornell, Diane Pecknold, David Sanjek, Tony Thomas, Jerry Wever“Diane Pecknold rounds up some of the better music writers in academia in order to put a light on country's many black roots and the country's unease with said roots.Lee Coor, Popular Music and Society“The book’s various contributors provide often engrossing little-known specifics.David Sanjek details the role King Records’ African-American producer Henry Glover played in encouraging the label‘s white hillbilly and black R&B artists to raid each other’s song books.” — Froots“Hidden in the Mix is an enjoyable, enlightening and captivating read that finally gives recognition to the African American presence within one of the most successful music genres in the world.” — Glen Whitcroft, U. Studies Online“Hidden in the Mix is full of essays that effectively deconstruct the presumed whiteness that Pecknold argues is taken for granted in the discourses surrounding country music.Making Country Modern: The Legacy of Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music / Diane Pecknold 823.Contested Origins: Arnold Schultz and the Music of Western Kentucky / Erika Brady 1004. Why African Americans Put the Banjo Down / Tony Thomas 1436.Fiddling with Race Relations in Rural Kentucky: The Life, Times, and Contested Identity of Fiddlin' Bill Livers / Jeffrey A. Old-Time Country Music in North Carolina and Virginia: The 1970s and 1980s / Kip Lornell 1717.Dancing the Habanera Beats (in Country Music): The Creole-Country Two-Step in St. Playing Chicken with the Train: Cowboy Troy's Hick-Hop and the Transracial Country West / Adam Gussow 23410.1: The Life and Times of Gene Autry"Diane Pecknold's collection is profoundly important in implication and a long-awaited intervention in the country-music literature." — Aaron A.Fox, author of Real Country: Music and Language in Working-Class Culture Diane Pecknold is Associate Professor of Women's and Gender Studies at the University of Louisville.Those with a fondness for both the 90’s as well as 90s country music might be interested in learning more about the significance that era would have on the country music industry.First in order to understand the historical context of country music in the 1990’s, one must first look a bit earlier in history.


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