Compare Contrast Essay Emily Dickinson Poems

At a time, the poet seems like she want to die sooner but she could not.The death seems like it came to her in a slow form as if the poet was ill.In the first stanza, the poet says that she could not stop for death and that the death kindly stopped for her.

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In her conclusion, she says that she has been buried for a long period, although she feels like it is even less than a day.

In addition, she also senses that her life has passed her so fast like the sun passed before she could reach where she was going, and it is faster than she expected.

Beginning every school year with the unit of poetry, it sets the tone for an environment that is comfortable in which all students are willing to risk recitation as well as memorization both individually and before class.

Moreover, this unit gives the students a chance to research and compare different poet lives, whether past or present.

She personifies death as something that is inevitable and comes to her in an uncontrollable way.

However, as she narrates the poet seems to be confused of whether she wants to be alive or dead.

She identifies the other person as immortality but she looks at it in a positive way (Priddy & Bloom 214). The poet also seems excited about the journey she is taking with her two companions.

Another interesting thing is portrayed in how she separates immortality and death. In addition, the poet feels to be so pleased by the courtesy of the gentleman that she decides to give up her freedom and distress in order to enjoy death.

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