Comedy Of Errors Essay Questions

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spends a good deal of time with the Courtesan and, when he wrongly assumes Adriana is disloyal, spitefully decides to give to the Courtesan the chain intended for his wife.

In the debate between Adriana and Luciana, Adriana comes over as the archetypal 'shrewish' wife.

Part of the reason for her unhappiness seems to be that her love for her husband is so possessive (see also the theme of Identity) that she feels she is torn apart by his absences.

Fiercely jealous of her husband's friendship with the Courtesan, she nags him about it incessantly and rebukes him for neglecting her.

He tries to pay her off with a concocted story that he has been overseeing the making of her gold chain, so the gold chain, in a sense, becomes his manner of paying his debt. did not receive it), he has the latter arrested in spite of the fact that they have been friends and business associates.

Then she unwittingly locks him out of his house, and to spite her and 'pay' her back, he decides to give the chain to the Courtesan instead - his way of denying that he owes anything to a wife he considers disloyal. a ring in exchange for the expected chain - but never receives the chain, and so is uncomfortably conscious of his outstanding debt to her. The sense is, once again, that monetary values have gained an inhumane ascendancy over such values as friendship and love.

She fatally undermines her case by doing a U-turn in her diagnosis of Antipholus E.'s supposed madness.

First, she says Adriana has been too soft on her husband, then, when it is obvious that she has stood her ground, she changes the diagnosis, saying she has been too tough.

Luciana believes that men are naturally created lords over their wives, that men must have more freedom because their business takes them out and about, and that Adriana should be more patient and gentle with her husband. She unquestioningly supports her husband when she is asked for money to buy him out of jail.

Both women seem to modify their stance in the course of the play and lean towards the other's position. wants Luciana to teach him how to think and speak, and to create him anew, suggesting that she will not be a subservient wife - and she backs up her sister for upbraiding Antipholus E. She also takes to heart the Abbess's rebuke for her "jealous fits." However, the Abbess is far from being the voice of reason, or the voice of Shakespeare, on this matter.


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