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Performances and exhibits should be accompanied by approximately 20 pages of writing.

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For Senior Honors Theses, the grading scale is High Honors, Honors, or Creditable. Candidates for University Honors may be nominated by the COL faculty if they have received departmental High Honors for the thesis, and satisfied other criteria.

If a student has written a single thesis for consideration by two departments, both departments must have arrived at a recommendation of High Honors before the student can be nominated for University Honors.

A tutorial relies on the exchange of ideas so you need to be ready to present and defend your opinions, accept constructive criticism and listen to others.

Such regular and rigorous academic discussion develops and facilitates learning in a way that just isn't possible through lectures alone.

At the end of the tutorial, your tutors will set a new piece of work for you to get ready for the next.

During the following week you will be expected to work independently to complete this.Questions about the procedure are to be addressed to the Honors Coordinator.Students writing an Honors Thesis must enroll in the appropriate tutorials (COL 409 in the fall semester of the senior year, COL 410 in the spring.) Students writing a Senior Essay must enroll in one such tutorial (and will have to complete an additional COL seminar credit in order to achieve the required 11 major credits required for graduation.) Honors projects in the COL take many forms, from research papers to the writing of fiction, poetry and translations, and from musical performance to directing, acting, choreography or other dance projects, or projects in the visual or plastic arts Students are required to find and ask a professor to direct their project, ideally in the spring semester of their junior year.Such students are responsible for knowing and adhering to the April deadlines and for ensuring (if they are thesis writers) that they have complied with the requirements of two tutorials.In the case of students with double majors who present a thesis or essay to be considered by both departments, the two departments in question will make mutually independent recommendations for Honors.Together, these opportunities provide the perfect environment for an outstanding education.Each week I was required to complete one or two several thousand word essays, ticking off sources from the reading list as I went by.I was encouraged to read beyond the facts, to make my own assumptions and to prove and disprove theories.Another shock was for me that now - for the first time - my opinion actually mattered.Tutorials normally last about an hour, during which the tutor will give you, and typically one or two tutorial partners, feedback on prepared work on a particular topic.They may also use the opportunity to introduce a new topic and discuss this.


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