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If you are facing such problems, then you can easily avoid such instances.The first and foremost issue, which you face, is that of choosing essay topics.

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Thereafter, the supporting notions or arguments under each sub-section must be elaborated in details.

Understanding this approach, a student can make an appropriate outline first for writing the essay.

In this case, the underlying issue is your approach.

You must first plan an appropriate approach while selecting a topic for addressing the overall requirements of the essay.

For especially opinion essays, you must spend a minimum of 5 to 10 minutes for analyzing the notion that is expressed in the opinionated statement.

Hence, you must only choose the topic with which you can address the requirement of the assignment.

If you want to take ideas from the essay examples, then you can easily analyze the writing pattern as well as the ways in which all the requirements have been addressed in the samples.

Then you can easily apply those techniques while writing your paper.

Unlike other essays, short essays’ requirement is to express in-depth ideas within a limited word count.

With catchy topics, these kinds of essays require a student to understand the requirements of the assignment and then address it 400 to 500 words.


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