Catering Company Business Plan

As a kid, I read magazines from the back cover to the front, reading the ads and skipping the articles. Whenever I pack a bag for a trip, I picture myself fully dressed and take inventory of what I need: shirt, pants, socks, underwear, etc.Since the directions didn’t forbid it, I worked maze games from the end backwards to the beginning. I take a mental inventory of everything I need to get ready before getting dressed (not a great visual): deodorant, cologne, shaver, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.Post your successes and challenges and share your knowledge with our community.

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Though you can mail letters to inactive catering clients, I prefer to pull up a list of all clients who haven’t ordered catering in the last 60 days and call the ones who you think should have ordered.

Are you running or planning on running a catering loyalty program? This is a very low-cost way to bond with your catering clients.

One of my favorite ongoing marketing programs is a catering client birthday program.

Send all of your best catering clients a card or letter wishing them a happy birthday along with a gift certificate to your restaurant.

At first I dismissed it, but then the lightbulb went off.

What if we could provide a preloaded catering marketing calendar for our clients with reminders that show up in our software and in our clients’ inboxes?

Once you have your master marketing plan, you’ll want to go back and pick dates for each project.

If you are a major planner, you can then take each tactic and create a bulleted list underneath, listing out each step/component and the due dates.

Plan now to make this year a record year for your catering sales!

Let me encourage you to a join our 800 member Facebook group I created for our industry: Restaurants That Cater.


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