Butterflies Research Papers

Background and Objective: Butterfly gardens help to increase the population number and through the careful selection of host plants and restoration of habitats, a diverse assemblage of butterflies could be sustained even in urban areas.

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The objective of this study was to study the role of butterfly gardens in conserving the butterfly population and the seasonal trends in population abundance at Thenmala butterfly safari.

MATERIALS AND METHODS Study area: The study was carried out in the Butterfly Safari set up at Thenmala located at 8°57'0"N and 77°4"0"E situated in the Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary, in Kollam District, Kerala (Fig. The name Shendurney has reference to the presence of an endemic tree Gluta travancorica locally known as ‘ Chenkurunji’. The terrain was undulating with elevation ranging between 100-600 m (m.a.s.l).

Butterflies are taxonomically well known group, which have received a reasonable amount of attention throughout the world.

As the butterfly population increases, a variety of organisms including praying mantis, spiders, lizards and birds can also colonize the area leading to a stabilization of habitats and improved functioning of ecosystems and composition along rural-urban gradients, local extinctions of native species, increases in the number of exotic species toward centers of urbanization and the persistence of certain native species in urban areas.

Seasonal index of butterflies was calculated by seasonal index formula.

Results: A total of 13,104 individuals belonging to 99 butterfly species representing 70 genera under 5 families were recorded, of which six species have protected status under the Indian Wildlife Act, another five were endemic to the Western Ghats region and five were rare.

The objective was to study the diversity and seasonal abundance of butterflies in the Butterfly Safari at Thenmala in Kerala, India.

Methodology: The butterflies were recorded using a standard transect counting method.

Revathy Vadakkutt Sankaranarayanan, George Mathew, Narayanankutty Naduvil and Elizabeth George, 2018.

Butterfly Gardens and Butterfly Populations: Do Host and Nectar Plant Strategies Drive Butterfly Status.


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