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The EOS system offers many worksheets to use to implement the strategies. Check out the links below: Dalio is considered by many as in the class of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and investors.In his book, Dalio shares what he learned in his journey to the top.Every business person should read and study this book as Kahneman destroys the myth that we are rational thinkers and decision-makers. manufacturers on the skills needed in the Digital Factory and problem-solving was the #1 skill cited.

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You cannot work with anyone who contains these though errors. It revolves around the concept of cognitive dissonance that creates fictions to protect our self-worth.

Unconsciously, we create fictions that absolve us of responsibility, restoring our belief that we are smart, moral, and righteous belief that often keeps us on a course that is dumb, immoral, and wrong. Check out the links below: This is really a textbook for lawyers, policymakers, and other decision makers.

For the times when you're stuck in yesterday or worried about tomorrow: As Oprah has said, "For anyone seeking to lead a more connected, vibrant life, The Power of Now is essential reading." Why?

Your mind just loves for you to stress about the past and worry about the future—but you are so much more than your mind.

I would like to suggest I book I recently wrote entitled “Reversing Burnout. A Blueprint for Professionals and Business Owners”.

In addition to providing a clear understanding of the problems and realities of today, the book chronicles my burnout and eventual “pivoting away” to a new venture at what should have been the peak of my career.

From life to management or investing Dalio lays it all out in straightforward and digestible reading. Check out the links below: This book is all about how thinking algorithms, and how they can help you get around thorny issues with innovative solutions.

The book lays out possible challenges, walks you through strategies and how they lead to solutions. Check out the links below: This is a must read of any entrepreneur.

This book is suggesting a revolution in how we train the New Collar Workforce in order to meet industry needs.

The criminal thought errors described in this book has allowed me to spot criminal thought patterns from people in the street all the way to the boardroom. Check out the links below:[This book] answers the question when people make mistakes, and we all do, why do they cling to outdated attitudes, mistreat other people?


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