Blindness In Oedipus Rex Essay

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It may be assumed that having the ability to see makes it easier to control fate, however, in Oedipus Rex, it is clearly evident that between physical and intellectual blindness, it is the latter which seems to allow for a more truthful vision of one’s destiny.Oedipus, the protagonist, is arrogant and intellectually blind.

It is this arrogance and blindness which actually cause him to eventually fulfill the fate he so desperately tries to escape from.

He begins his life with a prophecy from the gods; that one day he will kill his father and marry his mother.

As he becomes aware of the prophecy, he flees from home for safety in the hopes of avoiding his destiny.

However, in doing so, he achieves the opposite; while fleeing Corinth, he meets his real father, King Laius, and kills him.

As the audience, we are aware of the whole back story that would lead to the tragedy itself.

However, Oedipus the King as a hero is also appreciated much because we see that he is not perfect, like an ordinary human being.

Thestory is centered on Oedipus, a king who was bound to his sad fate.

The appeal of this play lies on its ability to capture the audience.

Most importantly, sight is used in the play as a symbol for knowledge.

In light of this, it can be said that being sighted or blind does not necessarily correspond with the ability to control ones fate.


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