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She seems not to be able to compel herself into taking her pen and paper and praise them. To her, it is the duty of poets and historians’ to set the facts straight.In her poem there is a thin line between the facts of history and the illusions of the kings and captains plus their wealth: and there worth will not be deemed by her writing.A Pastor and a Physician, one of his poems published was titled ‘Prologue’.

To him he is self-agreeing that being handed a moistures pen (pen that is ready to be written with) will guide him in giving a wonderful praise to the lord.

In the second stanza, he glorifies a pen that has been expectedly made for writing using a super refined ink that can even write on the most unlikely surface (in crystal leaves) where it can write ferociously till the writer stops.

The perception of Ann and the emotions of her heart seem to look down about the colonisers good way of life (great bartas sugared lines) and she feels saddened about the state of her fellow Americans in the middle of plenty.

In the Prologue by Edward Taylor, the poet seems to ask God a rhetoric question, that it’s very obvious like a clear sky that the dust that is on the earth (men) can not outweigh the totality of the grand mountains (superiority of God) on the earth caused it’s not their design nor show that can befit the grandeur of the divinity.

The first and the third line of every stanza have been indented left.

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Ann Bradley in her poem in the first stanza seems to despise the tendency to praise and adore war, captains and the kings and their cities and wealth that are as a resultant of war.Edward Taylor was born in Sketchley, Leicestershire, England in 1642 and he lived for 87 years till in 1729.He too was an American poet during the colonisation of America. "Taylor's 'Preparatory Meditation' 2.1." 29.3 (1994): 273-75. "Edward Taylor's Reluctant Revolution: The New Astronomy in the Preparatory Meditations." (1984): 4-17. "'This Brazen Serpent Is a Doctor's Shop': Edward Taylor's Medical Vision." 19.2 (1984): 107-121. "Poetry and the Puritan Faith: The Elegies of Ann Bradstreet and Edward Taylor.". Illinois Studies in Language and Literature, Champaign, IL. These has made her to dislike the Greek who through art discovered that there desires can be partly fulfilled by art to a certain extent , but at the end of the day an injured brain does not accept therapy.( the fifth stanza). The poet is intolerable to every nagging tongue that prejudices her hand that writes and scorns at her work just because of the superiority of her works and because she is female. Both writers seem to praise the art of writing in bringing out their perception and in glorifying heavenly and in seeking self worth. Poems By Ann Bradstreet And Edward Taylor [Internet]. [Accessed 7 September 2019]; Available from: https:// (2nd stanza for Edward and the fifth and the sixth line of the first stanza for Ann.) In the fourth to the sixth stanzas, Ann Bradley states that they do not expect, any expressive language (rhetoric) from the school boys nor music (sweet consort) from old musical equipments (broken strings) nor a beauty that dance to their tune and so her thoughts also sings out but all this is in vain as whatever the issue at hand, it is not reversible as cause nature made it so. "The Jawbones Schema of Edward Taylor's Gods Determinations.". "Edward Taylor's Herbalism in Preparatory Meditations." (1983): 64-71.


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