An Essay On Health Care

An Essay On Health Care-13
Often it takes a revolutionary presidential election to overcome such barriers.As in any other policy debates in the US politics interest groups’ pluralism have an effect on the health policy.There are two models of a healthcare which consist of the single payer and the social insurance system.

Because they are such a well organized interest group they are very effective in influencing the decisions on policies that affect the seniors in this country.

A decentralized role of the states has its pros and cons.

Any type of reform in America is incremental and piecemeal especially health care.

For example Medicaid has had many much needed changes since its beginning in 1965.

Powerful interest groups involved in health care politics adamantly resist any major change (Alford 1975).

Each group deeply believes that their interests are the best and will fight very hard to protect their interest.

Medicare mainly deals with Americans who are over the age of 65 or disabled.

Medicaid deals with people who are of low income or maybe classified as being poor.

Being a capital nation we are under the notion that the private sector can best organize and operate the production and consumption of goods and services in our country rather than the government.

The US health care system is fragmented so much that it is almost impossible to track.


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