An Essay On Festivals Of Pakistan

An Essay On Festivals Of Pakistan-55
There is much dancing where the elders chant legends with drum accompaniment and the women dance round outside.

A legend says that one General Salik Shah, who was called by the Greek as General Sulfurous with five soldiers of the legions of Alexander of MACEDON, settled in Chitral and are the progenitors of the Kafir Kalash.

The Kalash are infamous for their festivals; these folks know how to let their hair down in style.

Folk dancers and musicians from all parts of Northern Areas including Dance, Song Ensembles from the neighboring Xinjiang Province of China and Central Asia will be invited to entertain visitors to the festival.

Exotic local bazaars will be held including Sunday & Friday markets for the local communities where people can sell, exchange or exhibit local produce, offering endless variety of cottage crafts, Knickknacks, flea-market, etc.

The Kalash People celebrate three main festivals in year.

Festival on the Roof of the world where natural environs, landscape, privileged location in the highest mountains of the world, breathtaking spectacles of sheer scenic beauty, wildlife and nature, awe-inspiring snow peaks, glittering glaciers, serene valleys of lush green foliage and fruits, gleaming and scintillating streams of unpolluted water, rich diversity of people, culture, folklore, arts, crafts and heritage, await you.

The local community has performed rituals at central places and also performed traditional dances on local tunes.

Special traditional dish locally known as Dirum Pitti has been prepared to mark the festival.

The Kalash Valleys of Rumbur, Bunboret and Birir are within Chitral in the North-West Frontier Province, near Nuristan in Afghanistan.

The people here are some of the only non-Muslims for hundreds of miles.


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