American Civil Rights Movement Essay Questions

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You will, however, do yourself an injustice by attempting to fake enthusiasm.

So, if the American Civil Rights Movement does nothing for you, find something closer to home to write about.

In most cases, such papers are about oppression and how the masses need to be liberated from the snare of their bosses and leaders.

Those who hold higher positions in society will more often than not use their position to infringe on the rights of the minorities.

From Slavery to Civil Rights: Timeline of African American History This Library of Congress timeline includes a section on the Civil Rights Movement replete with photographs of Rosa Parks, March on Washington, Little Rock Nine, and more.

Skin Deep: 1945-1994 (PBS) The People’s Century site is based on the 26-episode PBS television series and features a teacher’s guide, a timeline, a thematic overview, and Real Audio excerpts.

Documents from the Women’s Liberation Movement The materials in this on-line archival collection document various aspects of the Women’s Liberation Movement in the United States and focus specifically on the radical origins of this movement during the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Agents of Social Change Smith College offers an on-line exhibit and several lesson plans drawn from its collections.

It is also important that you remember that it is okay not to be interested in something.

You are not doing anyone a disservice by not connecting with their cause.


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